Thursday, 13 October 2011

Trying to love my home!

Ok I do love my home but sometimes it is so cluttered that I feel so much pressure on me.
After I read in Lucy's blog Attic24 some advice and read another blog she mentions I decided to take it a little at a time. Now that my essay writing is over I can spend time in creating beautiful corners and re-arranging things and maybe manage to give away things. Once again it is a pity we don't have thrift stores or flea markets or garage sales so that people could get rid of things they don't want and not throw them in the rubbish bins like it happens here.Mind the bold letters as I will write another blog about this subject tomorrow.
Here is a pic of the first corner I decluttered my computer desk. And I added a cheap IKEA lamp. I had bought the base at 2 euro and added a small lamp top I had waiting to be used for a very long time. I needed a little light over my keyboard when I am typing.
The screensaver is by Geninne.

For today I must say that I had a great time chatting on the phone with my friend Marabeth from the States. I am glad I have Forthnet phone company.


devonseaglass said...

I sympathise. I am decorating at the moment and trying to de-clutter. I have very few things to get rid of. So I could throw away my toothbrush and it would have little impact on the tonnes of stuff remaining. My dear wife has filled our home with so much, things that make it a home.

Catherine said...

I just found your log through Kathy's - congrats on your win! I scrolled through a few posts and enjoyed the things I saw and read. I look forward to learning more about you!

Oh, and that door a few posts back is stunning - reminds me of angel wings.

Anonymous said...

Hello Ariadne,
I found your blog from Kathy. I am going to add it to my reading list so I can stay up to date. I love your blog.

Those are some good books for the children to read.

It is a shame they want to keep the schools closed. You are right they need to be learning.

Those tiles you found are gorgeous and I am sure you will come up with a use for them.

Wow no shops to recycle. That is sad.

Glad to have found your blog.

Seamaiden said...

Sweet friend, I understand. I am emphatically ANTI-CLUTTER...and yet, seaglass has brought me to new levels of 'stuff' - jars, bowls, vases, dishes filled with beauty covering every surface to capacity in the Mermaid Room (and a few other places, but thankfully not many). Sometimes I get a little freaked out, LOL! But then I just clean out a closet and take things to the thrift shop. I agree, it is a real disappointment that you do not have second-hand shops where you live...on to your next blog about that very subject...

Marabeth said...

I, too, am happy you have such a wonderful phone plan. It was great to catch up on so many the minutes fly by and turn into hours!!