Saturday, 15 October 2011

More curb finds!

First of all I want to welcome all new followers, I can't believe I reached 47,most of all I can't believe that there are people out there who are happy to read me. But rest assured that I am happy to write and to be read and to read other people's blogs too. And thanks every one for commenting. my previous post I was talking about loving my home. Today I managed to rearrange and declutter my shoe rack and part of my wardrobe. I felt good about doing this but most of all I realised that I have enough clothes and shoes to last me this winter and the next one hundred!(just kidding!). I am just trying to persuade myself that I shouldn't buy anything new this winter because I can't afford it any more.
I was never the expensive clothing type of girl, always cheap,comfortable clothes my choice. But things in Greece financially have been getting worse and worse that even I of the cheap chic taste,cannot afford buying anything this winter.
Anyway smile, things will definitely get better.

So in  my previous blog I showed you a pic of the IKEA lamp I put on my computer desk. But did you see the first photo of the lamp being assembled on my bigger desk?
Did you notice the crocheted tablecloth on it? Did you like it? Here are a couple more pictures of it. This is another curb find.

Here is the whole story...and believe me I am very honest about it.
Last Saturday morning I was out in the balcony and suddenly saw someone looking at a big bag outside the rubbish bin. I couldn't help but notice that this person had found some interesting things in the bag that someone had thrown away. She found.......books! I was shocked! What kind of people throw away books? Why didn't they take them to the school nearby or the local library or even the paper recycling bin?
I spent a couple of minutes looking at the woman choosing the books she wanted to take and then she left leaving the rest in the bag!
I stood puzzled for a couple of minutes. I have seen many a time people taking things from the rubbish bins or from out of them to be recycled or sold. I don't find it strange but most Greeks do because usually the people who take things from the rubbish bins are too poor or gypsies who sell things at the old things market for a couple of euros.
Anyway as long as it took you to read the last paragraph it took me to decide to go and get the rest of the books as a rainfall was approaching too and I was afraid that the rest of the books would soon be destroyed for ever.
I went dowstairs in the street grabbed the bag and returned home and felt so so good! Is that strange or dangerous?
Ok here is what I found in the bag(there was no other rubbish or dirty things or anything in it mind you!)
Two sets of vintage postcards from Venice (one set colourful and the other black and white) and one postcard from Rome in another packet. Probably the other woman took the rest of the cards from Rome.

 Lots of travelling brochures about Italy all vintage from the 60's and 1970. Someone probably a woman had travelled in Italy at that time.
 Three books one about Rome,one about Michael Angelo and one about Florence. Each book is in a different language English, French, Italian so the owner probably spoke all these languages.

 Two home dresses a yellow one and a pink one from which I only kept the vintage buttons.
 And of course the crocheted tablecloth which I handwashed and put it on my table.
I don't know if it is handmade crochet or machine made but it is quite old and with some little holes at places but I don't mind at all.


Unknown said...

Beautiful tablecloth, shame that person threw it out, but I suppose she doesn't need it anymore!!!!
But like I told you, here in France, collecting things from others throw outs is part of the French culture now, they are sold again on flea markets and in thrift shops!

Seamaiden said...

Ariadne, you scored bigtime!!! What wonderful treasures you found. I know it's difficult in your culture to feel comfortable sorting through people's throw-aways (strange AND dangerous, LOL!!) but in tight financial times, you can save yourself a lot of $$. That tablecloth is absolutely lovely. I hope you enjoy your 'new' goodies. :)

Marabeth said...

Oh must have been so excited to discover the tablecloth. It makes a lovely addition to your home...whether machine made or not. You are not alone when it comes to recycling other's treasures. We have a fantastic area at our dump and without hesitation, I will make claim to anything I can. I recently retrieved a practically brand new baby stroller and a fold-up travel type crib. With some disinfectant in hand, it is now something I have here for the future little one. And, I saved myself close to $200. So good for you for recycling and enjoying the past treasures others have grown tired of.

barbara@sparrowavenue said...

O my! these are not only incredible things to just stumble across, it is an amazing story too!!!
how lucky you are
the table cloth is a m a z i n g !

Completely Frogged said...

Loverly tablecloth. It might make you feel even better to know that I recently learned that crochet beyond single or double (uk treble) crochet stitches is not possible to be made by machine so you very likely did rescue someone's handy-work!

Ariadne said...

Thank you all for your comments. I really am happy for having saved this.
@Completely Frogged I hope you are right, I don't know how to crochet so I don't know what stitches are included here.