Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Introducing my assistants.

This year I am teaching to 1st and 2nd grades too. So I really need help to attract attention and interest in my lesson.
Teddy(the beefeater,a gift to my son from his Godfather years ago) is my only-English-speaking assistant.

Kitty is my sleeping kitten who pacifies the class with this lullaby!
I have more assistants to introduce to you in another post.

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Marabeth said...

I love the use of stuffed animals in the classroom. I'd like to share how I incorporated them too.
I used something similar with my second grade students too. I had Freddy and Freida, the frogs. At the beginning of each day a boy and a girl would have Freddy or Frieda hop onto their desks before they arrived in the classroom. Those students would be allowed to have the "pet" for the whole day and even take it home at night in a special carrier. It was based on behavior. Of course, some students who had difficulty behaving would receive it too, hoping to use reverse psychology. I would just point out something good they had done during the day. It was cute to see them take "their" frog to a reading corner or cuddle it during storytime or even bring it to lunch. For homework, they would write a very short story, even just a few lines about how Freddy or Freida spent their night. The stories were put into a booklet and eventually the storybook traveled back and forth each night too with Freddy and Freida. Children loved reading each other's adventures.