Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Finding things in the street.

Unfortunately recycling is not a habit in Greece. And there are not any thrift stores around or garage sales or flea markets where one can sell the things one does not want. One man's trash is not another man's treasure in Greece unless you are me.
Walking to and from school every day gives me he chance to cross corners where people leave things to be taken by the rubbish truck. They even leave old furniture,books, and various kitchen and home accessories. No, I don't look into rubbish bins but when things are left outside of them I can't help but have a look. Some things are so absolutely attractive that I can't just pass by ignoring them. When I am with hubby he always scolds and tells me not to look and not to take anything. But so far I have taken a perfectly blue blown glass vase, some blue bottles and two lamps.Also a couple of frames which my framer turned into beautiful framed art.
So the other day I crossed something that I really did not know what it was. It looked like a huge square porcelain dish. It was dark,heavy and full of dust so I didn't take it. When I saw it the next day (yes the rubbish trucks don't pass every day!) there were some huge tile pieces next to it and the huge heavy dish was broken.Probably someone tried to pick it up and it fell and broke. Hubby was with me and said "You are not taking anything,are you?"
The next day the tile pieces were still there so I grabbed four of them the only ones I could carry. I don't know where they are from. They look like porcelain pieces of an old stove or something.JN is written inside the tiles.They have four holes,two on each opposite side. They are heavy and thick.But they are beautiful!
Don't ask me what I am going to do with them because I don't know!


Edgar said...

Those tiles are GORGEOUS and I would have gotten a wheel barrow or box or something and hauled every single one of them home - here in the US - it is called "dumpster diving" and I and so guilty of digging away in a heap of trash - as you never know what treasure there is to get!! Keep Digging and dragging home!!!!!

Unknown said...

Ariadne, I was like your husband telling mine to stop bringing other people's rubbish home!!!!
I have changed my mind as here in France they recycle and have special shops for this! They call them " depot-vente" or "brocante" or "vide grenier", and you can find lots of nice things there!
Don't feel ashamed about this!

Seamaiden said...

We love second-hand in America, LOL! Yard-sales, garage-sales, estate-sales, thrift shops, antique shops, flea markets...all the best treasures have a story behind them.
Your tiles are fantastic and I'm glad you got them!!!

Marabeth said...

I was going to suggest that you use them as trivets for a hot food dish on your table until I saw the backside of them. No wonder you could only carry a few. Are they large enough to use as stepping stones/ground decor in the garden at the summer house? They are quite lovely!