Monday 17 October 2011

Poppytalk Autumn Colour Week 2011-red

Again it is Poppytalk Colour Week so here are my photos for the red colour of the first day.
End of August red pomegranate flower.
 End of August red bottle brush flower.
 End of August red hibiscus.
 October Vintage car exhibition.
 September tiny red shell on white sea glass.
 My assistant at school my Beefeater Teddybear.
 Red centre on green tile-curb find.
 Red flowery shards from John and Juliana from Scotland.
 Red(or maybe orange?) sunset!


Marabeth said...

Love the poppycock theme. And I'm sure Themis loved the red car!! I bet if that was by the curb, he would take it home :)

Seamaiden said...

I'm loving that red car, too!! LOL!