Sunday 4 December 2011

They draw and cook.

They draw and cook is a lovely artits' cooking blog. I had found it when Geninne illustrated a recipe of hers for it. It is great to see the recipes that appear in lovely colours and not many words and you can make them instantly.
The blog published some of their recipes in a lovely book that I saw in Melissa's blog Tiny Happy and I ordered it from Amazon.
 I have already made the Turn That Frown Upside Down Cake with pineapple by Claire B. Murray when my cousin Platon was here and it was great. You can find easy and more difficult recipes but what's the most attractive about them is the illustration.


Dream on the wave said...

That looks like a fun book. Makes cooking even more colourful.

Seamaiden said...

What a great cookbook - such personality and zest! I love it!