Wednesday 14 December 2011

Bazaar (1)

I love bazaars. Especially Christmas bazaars with handmade things and second hand things and charity bazaars.
On November 25th I went to my old school's bazaar. They do a big bazaar with both handicrafts, sweets, old books, second hand things and even antiques and old clothes that lasts two days.
Here are some pics of what I got.I only bought from the second hand part of the bazaar as you can see and spent very little money.
I had the misfortune to cut my finger the moment I touched the very first item, the blue pomegranate which is broken on its stem(ribbon put afterwards) and I still have a little problem on my finger since then. That made my choosing of other items very quick as I was in a hurry to return home and look after my cut.

 I couldn't pass a handstitched piece; this old fashioned winter scene which I find very beautiful.
 This little tray is amazing, very good quality thin glass in gold leaf. Chocolate will look great on it.It looks absolutely new or unused.
 This tumbler attracted me with its colour. It is made of green marble and there is a label underneath that shows it is quite old.
 I bought this dish because it shows Chicago. Not that I have been there but it looked like a collector's item and for one euro I could not pass.
 This little abalone shell boat is for my beach house.
 I love folk painting and the following items were great too.
 I think they are Russian.
 The label on the tumbler.
 The aforesaid pomegranate.
 The back of the dish.


Laura said...

That must be the Chicago plate you were telling me about. And the blue pomegranate is beautiful...totally worth the cut I hope.

Dream on the wave said...

The plate really des like a cllectrs item. My favorite is the little boat.
This sunday is our Christmas bazaar. I am sure you would love it and I wish you could be here!

Marabeth said...

Maybe some items are worth money on ebay. Hope you washed your cut really well. Love the blue pomegranate!

Anonymous said...

fabulous !
I love the golden tray & folk paintings best !
wonderful finds !

Anonymous said...

I love the colour of the tumbler. Such a soothing green. And the pomegranate is gorgeous, though it would be much nicer if you hadn't cut your finger on it. The folk paintings are very nice too! The cross-stitch scene is very romantic :)

Seamaiden said...

Hey my dear! I'm so sorry you cut your finger on the pomegranate - I hope it's all healed now. :) Your treasures are great!