Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Christmas shopping at Ikea

I love Ikea and thought of going to see the Christmas decorations with my sister-in-law.
I was disappointed by the Christmas ornaments though. They were either too expensive or not really nice.
 That's all I bought.
A frame for a gift I am going to make, some straws to use at school in various handicrafts, some moose tags,
 a Christmassy red lantern,
 a fantastic lace plant pot I am not going to plant in,
 some beautifully smelling tealight candles for the holidays(these are rose petal and cinammon stick),
 and those table mats whose birds remind me of Geninne's birds. I already have a tray of this design.
We then had some delicious coffee with my sis and that was the best part.


Unknown said...

Funny, I also bought those Tindra candles at Ikea, but the green "apple" ones and the vanilla ones!

Anonymous said...

we have an Ikea here & I love going there too