Monday 5 December 2011

A little Christmas scene.

Today I was hyperactive. Maybe the iron pills are working.
After school I corrected tests, prepared report cards, put up the Christmas tree (photos tomorrow by daylight), vacuum cleaned the remains of the tree on the floor, finished my cross stitch ornaments(photos to be taken tomorrow in daylight for the challenge blog), changed some frames on the walls and started knitting a scarf!!!!! I haven't knitted for a long time so maybe it was high time for this scarf to get ready. I loved a scarf a colleague was wearing the other day on the Major Teachers' Training Programme and thought of making something similar but with yarn I already had.We will see.
I am leaving you with a little handmade Christmas scene that one of my student's mother made to put as a class decoration. Isn't it lovely?


Dream on the wave said...

That is so cute! Iam very very slowly getting into the Christmas spirit. As I am very slow at everything at the moment, especcially blogging! I want to pick it up again but don't know where to start.
many greetings

Marabeth said...

This is a very creative mom.......