Sunday 11 December 2011

What the mail brought

In the end of November I received some lovely things.
 A box of chocolate from Xanthi brought to me by a colleague. He is from this town and when he said he was going there I asked him to bring me a box of carioces, a chocolate sweet from Papaparaskevas pastry shop.
 I received a lovely parcel from my life long pen friend  Maria Jose from the Acores (Azores in English) who included some beautiful sea glass for me

 My order from Lilla Jizo arrived. Petra paints beautifully on sea glass, sea pottery, stones, paper and wood. I snatched her collage painting for almost free.And there is a 22% sale till the end of the year.
 I loved the beautiful water lily stamps on her envelope.

 Another spontaneous order from Albertine Press shop that I found in Poppytalk. These coasters are lovely and will probably be a Xmas gift.

 Then my order from Cozy Memories from my dear Sonia arrived. Sonia makes such lovely sewn things and always accompanies them in beautiful wrapping like this gorgeous red bag.


Lisa said...

You get the best mail!!! You also do such fun things on the weekends.

Anonymous said...

Oh receiving such mail would make anyone's day! The sea glass is lovely and the stamps are gorgeous too. I love all of it! So jealous :P

Marabeth said...

Beautiful sea glass and lovely treasures from other artists.

Anonymous said...

ugh, so sorry for being so late
I'm sorry I didn't get back to you earlier, Ariadne
I'm so glad you enjoyed everything, including the Christmas wrapping/packaging :)
the Swedish stamps were delightful !

Seamaiden said...

Wonderful treasures, all! :)