Wednesday 28 December 2011

A day trip to Drama.

December the 26th was a very looooong happy tiring day!
As I have said before hubby and I belong to the Teachers' Association Drama Club. We had been rehearsing heavily the last months on "Koutornithia" a play written by two colleagues Afroditi Ioannou and Ioanna Katsarou, teachers.
The premier of the play took place yesterday at the Music Hall of the city of Drama where we were invited by Oneiroupoli,(the dream village) the Christmas village of Drama.
We left Thessaloniki very early in the morning in a bus, arrived there at 10 and rehearsed till three.

Then we did a short walk at the Christmas village...

 There were Christmas decorations everywhere. There was even a Shadow puppet little house with figures of the Greek shadow puppet theatre.
 Little houses filled with workshops for children.
 Popular heroes walking around taking photos with children.
 Lots of little rivers and lakes decorated.....
 Santa's post office of course.
 There was no time for us to go into the houses unfortunately.
 There are huge tall trees in the park.
 And Santa is flying...

 And a small market with handmade products....
 And lots of games for children....
 On the way back to the Music Hall I spotted this lovely wall painting on a building....Drama is far away from the sea though!
Then we got dressed up and put on our make up and did our performance which went really great.
The play is about a bunch of chickens that live on an egg producing farm but really don't know why their eggs vanish every day till they find out the truth and decide to change their lives.
Here are some of our photos. I am the red hen and hubby is the pig.
We do the happy dance because a new rooster has come to the farm

 The pig appears in the farm.
 The red hen is sad because her eggs keep disappearing.
 The animals end up in jail because they are revolting.
 We read the news and find out the truth.
 In the end we dance along with our little spectators.
After the performance we did a night walk at Oneiroupoli and I must say it was more impressive by night.

I am still trying to get some rest after that experience.

Blogpost edited: Unfortunately some of the photos on this blogpost were deleted due to Picasa problems.


Dream on the wave said...

What a wonderful day and how lucky they are in Drama to have this Christmas village. It looks really nice. Maybe you could come to Skiathos and do your play for us as well? Wouldn't that be a great idea!

Marabeth said...

Lovely village! You all seem to be having so much fun being thespians. But what I would like to know is....what was the truth as to why the eggs were disappearing? What did the animals learn? The suspense is keeping me awake :)