Wednesday 21 December 2011

My Christmas Tree this year.

I used to have a very big Christmas tree.
Some years ago my dear and I decided that it was too heavy to put it down  from the " attic " so we donated it to my old school and bought a new, a bit smaller, one which hubby insists that it is still huge!!!!!
As my dear is suffering from his back lately my dear brother helped out to bring the tree down and I put some Christmas music on the computer and started decorating it on the 5th of December.
In my dream world the Christmas tree is something the whole family does together!
Well in my real world my teenage son and my hubby prefer their computer so I decorate myself.
This year I decided to put the tree in another corner of the house next to the sofa and the Billy (Ikea's wall to wall bookcase).

Then I added some lights, not too many but I decided I won't buy anything for the tree this year.

Then it was time to put the ornaments on. I have lots of ornaments, vintage ones from my grandfather and from my father, store bought ones I accumulated for years, handmade ones made by friends, and finally handmade ones I made myself.
When in 2006 we visited Finland for Christmas I bought some ornaments there and ever since then I have been decorating the Finn way...that is wooden ornaments, felt ones and straw ones.
This year I decided I wanted a combination of Finn, wooden, handmade and vintage so here is what I put.

 The big red heart is from Lapland and there is reindeer fur on it. The wooden and straw ones are from Finland, the cross stitched pouch was made by Cathy, my friend in England, years ago and the pearl angel was made by my niece Vicky who loves beading and handicratfs in general.
 This is a box of wooden toys I bought from Lidl years ago and decided to put them on this year. I was planning to add them as tags on gifts and maybe I will in future.
This is not a very good picture but maybe you can spot my friend Marabeth's photo ornaments, sea glass friend's Gara's crocheted snowflakes, my dad's vintage baubles,a dove heart by Maria Jose, my Portuguese pen friend and Cathy's felted hearts.
 Then I stopped decorating the tree for a while and hang some glass ornaments on my light fixtures. The fused glass hearts were made by Deed, another sea glass friend.
 The angel is a gift from Marabeth!
And after stretching on the lights I added some decorations on my big table.
My various material collection of Christmas trees and some glitter stars and fern leaves.
After all that I was too tired to continue.
You will see more of my tree in future as I continued decorating it.


Seamaiden said...

Such lovely and endearing Christmas decorations/gifts from around the world. I love your combination of influences to create your own special and unique flair for expressing Christmas in your home.

Kathy A. said...

Beautiful! I love seeing a Christmas tree that is a treasure trove of memories and souvenirs.

Dream on the wave said...

Beautiful tree and that is what it is about, a collection of memories and treasures.

Anonymous said...

you have done it very beautifully, Ariadne
it looks so warm & cozy