Wednesday 21 December 2011

Teaching I love

I so much enjoy teaching in my new school.My children seem to appreciate my teaching and enjoy it. We recently did a small dramatization of the Princess and the pea.
I could not possibly put photos of the students during the play but I would like to show you the lovely crowns one of my students made for it.
The king
 The Queen
 The prince
 The princess
I also downloaded and presented flashcards about Christmas to my first and second graders.

And here are some pieces of their art.


laimirie said...

Must be nice to be surrounded by so much colour! I especially like the king's crown. It does look royal. Talented kids, they must be!

Marabeth said...

What fun the children must have had decorating their hats, Christmas trees and putting food on their plates. Such a great age to teach! I bet they love their teacher :)