Sunday 27 January 2013

thalasseaglass shop update

I decided to spend some time on my little etsy shop today.
I am an amateur and I am not a qualified artist but I like making things and want to try my hands to all kinds of things.
For the time being I added these three pendants and more will come.
 Lighthouse pendant 2
 Valentine's Day sea glass pendant

The two lighthouse pendants are made with a variety of techniques. First a Greek postage stamp of 1995 was stuck behind the sea glass I collected myself from the beach at my beach house. Then I painted the lighthouse on the sea glass with permanent ink and covered it with matte glaze. Finally I wire wrapped all around it.That's the postage stamp behind the sea glass. It is the Psitalea lighthouse at the entrance of Peiraeus Harbour.

The heart charm sea glass is for Valentine's Day and is wire wrapped with two different kinds of sea glass.
You can find them all and more in my thalasseaglass etsy shop.


anastasia said...

i really like the lighthouse stone! well done!

Agapi Sea Glass said...

I love your new designs, especially the light house painted piece! Bravo Adriadne, keep up the creative juices girl

prpltrtl946 said...

I love your light houses, too!! I think they are perfect on the sea glass!! What an excellent idea!! 8*)