Friday, 4 January 2013

A sale on my etsy...and meeting Noufaro!

Although it was a funeral day yesterday I will try not to keep bad thoughts in my mind. It seems though that 2013 started with sudden deaths, accidents and funerals just like how 2012 ended..I hope it won't go on like this.
Let's talk about something different.
Here is a photo of some books I had found at a book bazaar back in November. Some of them found their way to some pen friends and the two vintage ones are in my etsy shop.

 I am showing you how they are inside. They have such beautiful pictures.

If you are interested I have a sale on my etsy shop and have decreased the prices on postage. I will try to have  a shop update soon.

Now I want to show you a few photos from a day trip we did in November to Serres, a nearby city. We met with hubby's son, his girlfriend and their dog, Noufaro(Waterlily). We adored Nouf as they call her! I think she played a huge role on our decision to get a dog.
 Yes that's Noufaro.
 Serres municipality building.
 I loved this crocheted blanket.
 The sunset was glorious.


Lisa said...

Did I miss a post?? You got a dog??? I have 2 shiz tzus.

Annuk said...

Great photos! And Noufaro is such an adorable doggie (and what a sweet, loving name!), and you can see she's very loved too! :)