Saturday 19 January 2013

What the mail brought!

First of all thank you everyone for your comments on my blog and facebook on Barca's arrival to our home!
Also welcome to new followers and readers.
I had some trouble with my computer and as hubby was so generous and fixed it I am hoping that I will manage to surf the Net and blog more easily and faster from now on.
On the Barca front we are very happy to announce that from the 4th night she kept quiet and did not cry.
So for those who say that teaching a puppy is difficult I am telling them it is not if you follow the rules. So about a whining puppy the rule is ignore it and it will stop crying.
Barca cried for half an hour the first night every three minutes.Then the second night she cried for twenty minutes every five minutes. Then on the third night she cried only four times in ten minutes and stopped. And then the next two nights she didn't cry at all.
We tell her good night, turn off all the lights one by one and close each door one by one. It is a ritual but it is a routine she got used to already.
Routine is absolutely necessary for a puppy so we try to feed her on her usual times. She started going to her napkin to poo but is not successful on that field every time yet. I am so patient with her and she is adorable!
On the fifth morning of her living with us she conquered her armchair. And I say "her" because that's an armchair we never sit on and I have my favourite childhood doll there and the to-be-ironed pile!So there she goes and sits there and she sleeps at night underneath that armchair too! So I let her!She is a member of the family afterall!The pile goes into the bedroom and should be ironed immediately!LOL!
And yesterday morning I realised why so many bloggers have photos with their pets in when they want to show something else. It is quite tricky and risky to take pics with a pet in the house!
The mailman has brought lots of mail during the holidays and I will devote a blogpost on them but I want to show you what happened when I tried to take pics of yesterday's mail!
I love it on this armchair!And the doll next to me is a ... doll!
 Ooops!What's this? I have to go down!
 Yes, let's jump.
 Wow!Envelopes!What's inside?
 Nothing interesting!Oh this one has something in it for me!I know!Give it here!
 To my nest!
 It's mine I tell you!
 Let's open it!
 A hedgehog pin for you and a bell for me!
 Put it on, put it on!
 Oh it is lovely! I am so happy! Thank you Evdokia!
The pin is by Evdokia in haveakookie!
The rest of this blogpost about items that the mail brought tomorrow!


Anonymous said...


Just found your blog.
What an adorable puppy, such a sweetie!
Your blog is lovely.
Happy weekend.

anastasia said...

lovely post and great dog!!!

Carole said...

OMG so cute. Yes they all think it's always for them....the mail, the everything actually that comes in the house. So nice that you got a stray. Rescues are the best!

Anonymous said...

Oh barca I want to hug you!
You are welcome sweet face!
I am so happy you are wearing the bell!

FishesMakeWishes said...

Barca is so cute :-)
training a puppy can be tough but you have to stick to the routine and it can be so hard when they look at you with that face!

Vivika said...

Hahaha, so sweet! I love photo stories!

barbara@sparrowavenue said...

she is adorable
and you're absolutely right: routine is so important!

Kayakgirl46 said...

Oh Ariadne i love your new addition...she will certainly bring you lots of laughs and always unconditional love....Enjoy and keep the pictures coming so we watch her grow!

Kayakgirl46 said...

oh Ariadne.. how adorable she is...I missed her welcome blog so i will go back after this and read...I am sure she will bring you lots of laughs and unconditional love for sure!

paula said...

I love your little puppy!
she is adorable . . . so, so nice to know she found a home :)