Monday 21 January 2013

The kindness of strangers and more.

I was going to continue with my mail post today but I decided to change the subject.
The title in today's blogpost is borrowed from the same title in Star of the East blog.
It is about the story of  Sandra in Azulado and how we can all help her overcome the problems coming of her recent loss of her husband.
You can read her story here and help by taking part in the raffle, donating or buying from her own shop.
I love her decorative pottery.

(I borrowed her photo from her etsy shop as this is my favourite item!)

Something else I would like to tell you today.
McKenna is having a giveaway on her blog ChicCrafting and maybe you would like to take part. You can find it here and on my side bar.I am also taking part in an exchange of a Valentine's cross stitch card with McKenna, hoping to be motivated to start cross stitching again!(I have started it McKenna!)

Finally I would like to show you the beautiful mobile that was in Anastasia's of Made-by-Kokorote parcel that I won in her giveaway. I put it between my Geninne Zlatkis' bird prints and my Jill Wignall Crafting for Courage (for the tsunami disaster) watercolour painting. I think that's the best place to put it!What do you think Anastasia?


McKenna C. said...

Thank you!

I've already finished stitching yours, but I need to put it on a card. :)

Pretty pictures!


Desire Empire said...

Sweet little mobile. You seem liKe such a nice person.

butterfly said...

Lovely post, hugs.

Anonymous said...

the mobile looks so sweet
and i think it fits perfectly there!

anastasia said...

i think the little crane is really loving it there with the other birds! it found its place :) (you may open the winds if you want it to fly :) big hug from munich!anastasia