Sunday 20 January 2013

The mail

So here is what the mail had brought last week and Barca was so happy about it.
Two envelopes from the States from my dear Marabeth with all kinds of cross stitch kits she finds at thrift stores for me.The upper left corner is a stitched sampler someone had given to the thrift store. You will soon see what I did with it.
Marabeth's sweet card brought tears to my eyes. I so much hope that we will meet one day.
This is the parcel I received from Anastasia  Made-by-Kokorote, I won her giveaway and she was so kind to send me all these beautiful things!You can find her beautiful creations on etsy too here.
These are two parcels I received from Evdokia. Lovely pins I bought from her shop haveakookie and some added beauties.

In January I also received this lovely parcel from my dear friend Cathy in England.
 Don't you love those stamps?

 Cathy sent me some candy for my pupils and they were all crazy about it when I brought it to school.
 A bag she made herself.And a Christmas ornament made from lace.
A book about the English countryside and cards.
 We also received some gifts from my cousin who is also my son's Godfather and he brought us souvenirs from his travelling.
 These are from Sicily and Portugal.
 Dear Ian from England sent me his Christmas wishes along with a watercolour painting of his!
 Cards from: Karen, my sea glass friend in the States,Marabeth,(along with some muffin cups which are very handy), Andrea from Trinidad,Ian's watercolours, Sophie's family Christmas photo and dear Dawn's card too.
  Some delicate papercut butterflies I bought from ShoestringCottage on etsy.
 There is more mail I received back in December which I will be showing you soon too.
Hope you did not get tired of all these photos!


Desire Empire said...

Fabulous receipts. You have some great contacts there. You must be a fantastic communicator.

anastasia said...

great post! so many parts of the world all together in one post and in your living room :) isnt Internet sometime working so great to connect people :?
love from anastasia by

McKenna C. said...

Wow! You really racked up! Your gifts are beautiful!


Anonymous said...

happy, happy mail!
wish you more during the year!