Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Theo Angelopoulos

The only way to endure the world is its poetic version....
When all of a sudden yesterday we heard on the news that Theo Angelopoulos died in a road accident during the shooting of his latest film I was in awe.
Such a talented person to die just like that in minutes because he wanted to have a better look of the angle of his camera!
You can read about him here and on his official site here.

It was many years ago while walking at the city sea front I saw a huge hand suspending from a helicopter and a crew shooting a film. It was Theo Angelopoulos shooting  Eternity and a day.Unforgettable scene.
You can watch this little tribute to his filmography here.

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Dream on the wave said...

Yes, we were shocked as well. So tragic accident.
Many years ago, still in the Netherlands, I saw his film "o thiasos". It was when I first started to learn Greek. I must admit...I didn't understand much of the film then and I wonder if I would understand it better now.