Sunday, 8 January 2012

Last days of December at school.

Today it was very cold and windy so we didn't do much. We stayed at home and I started putting away my Christmas decorations. I plan to take the tree down tomorrow.
Anyway in the evening we went to a neighbourhood theatre called Amalia-Peiramatiki skini (Experimental Stage) and watched Ken Ludwig's Moon over Buffalo which was hillarious and very well mounted.
Here I would like to add a bit more about my December last days at school.Yes I still haven't finished my December news!
So in December the sixth grade had a project on Shadow Puppet Theatre and they loved writing their own plays and acting them out on the screen.
The first graders played with some Nativity scene stickers from a book my friend Cathy had sent me some time ago and learnt new vocabulary.

 They coloured Santa....
 made Christmas trees....
 decorated their classrooms....

 The fourth graders coloured Christmas trees.
 The second graders sang Christmas songs and acted out a nativity scene with their teacher who also painted the background. She is the one who makes the driftwood villages in a previous post.
 In the first grade we had the surprise of a little doll who played Christmas music.
 That is the Christmas sticker book I used.
 We sang Christmas songs with the second grade.
 We also sang Christmas songs with the fourth and sixth grades in the hall.
And they played Little Drummer Noy with their music teacher using plastic pipes. It was great!


Seamaiden said...

Excellent!! I love the video. :)
I always enjoy when you share your students and their educational adventures with us. :) Precious.

Dream on the wave said...

I think I have written it before but your school and kids are very lucky to have a passionate teacher like you. I cannot say we have many of them on the island, unfortunately.
Many greetings, Frieda