Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Bazaar (4)

The last of the bazaars I went to in December was the biggest and most beautiful. It is organised every year for four days in the grounds of the Ethnological and Folk Art Museum of Thessaloniki.
The building of the museum itself is very beautiful.
We went to visit the museum which is free of charge during the bazaar days.
We saw lots of beautiful traditional costumes. Photography is not allowed inside the museum but as we were taken on a guided tour by the photographer of the museum himself he allowed me a couple of photos for my blog.
 Look how this tree was decorated with natural elements.
 Traditional piece of a folk costume. Handwoven and handembroidered.
 Traditional jewelry.
 Porcelain stove from an old "ladies' house" in the centre of the city.
 Remember those tiles I had found on the curb? They come from a similar stove.

There is a huge beautiful vitreaux window and a strange work of art hanging from the ceiling over the staircase.
 In another room there is a permanent exhibition about old mills and how they worked.

 At the bazaar I was only allowed to take pictures of my friend's works of art who also exhibited there.

 And here are some things I bought and gave away as gifts.

 This one I kept for myself.