Tuesday, 3 January 2012

More curb finds

We had a meeting tonight with the Drama Club discussing all our plans for the new year and our future performances as well our premier  over carbonara pasta and wine!
Here I will continue though with some of the happenings of last year!
It is a continuation of my previous post.
Leaving the Koperti bazaar I went for coffee at a friend's house and then returning home I spotted a couple of lovely things on the curb.
I went back home but could not forget them so I asked for my son's help and went and fetched them home. Here they are.
 A lovely shelf. Even the glass is intact.

A pair of great wooden chairs which I will take to my summer house where I will paint them off white and add striped blue and white fabric to match my deck chairs.
And although I know you won't like the next two photos I would like to show you how furniture and other useful things end up in the garbage in Greece.

There are no thrift stores or reclaim stores or charity shops or opshops and you are not allowed to do a garage sale or an estate sale or a carboot sale or a tag sale and you cannot sell anything in a flea market without permission and there is no second-hand market.What a pity! In Greece "One man's trash is another man's treasure" is very limited;not many people believe in it.
* I found a second hand shop (probably the first in town) somewhere in the city centre just after I had written this post at a neighbourhood I do not frequent so I am going to go soon and if I like things there I will probably become a regular.


Unknown said...

Yes, it is a pity you don't have all these shops in Greece! When I was in Athens, we went a few times to Piraeus and they had flea markets there with second hand stuff??

Dream on the wave said...

It is indeed a shame. And also all this rubbish everywhere! Here on the island we have started with carboot sales (approx. 1 a month in wintermonths only). They are in aid of the dog- and cat shelters. Everyone that participates in selling their stuff pays 5 euro towards the charity and the rest of the sales is for herself. It is semi illegal of course (here in Greece) but so far we haven't had any problems yet (let's keep our fingers crossed!). It is mainly the expatriate community that gets involved but slowly slowly locals are coming as well.
With the things as they are right now....things just have to change and I am sure they will.
Lve, Frieda

Lisa said...

Here in New York we have lots of second hand shops and people have yard sales all the time. We go to them it is fun finding treasures. The shelf you found is beautiful, I would have picked it up too. It is terrible how the trash is just on the curb there.

Seamaiden said...

It's too bad your neighbors haven't caught on to the value of resales! It's a great way to recycle and save money, and have fun with unusual items you can't always find in stores. :)