Monday 9 January 2012

Gifts for Christmas...(2)

I woke up at 5.22 in the morning from the fury and sound of a mild earthquake which had its epicentre 9km from the city centre so one could say it was inside the city!
I have lived the 1978 huge 6,5 R scale earthquake that caused lots of deaths and ruins in my city so every time I feel an earthquake that's what I remember, my 12-year-old summer experience.
I am not afraid of earthquakes (not as much as I am afraid of thunderstorms anyway!) and living in an earthquake abound area I am used to them but despite that I can't stand the chill of a morning sudden earthquake awakening.
So I couldn't go back to sleep and started doing lots of chores.
I had coffee and put away all my Christmas decorations. Having done that I started changing position to certain furniture!!!!!
Then I did some schoolwork and then some open market shopping.
Then relaxed and confident went to school. The first day was dedicated to what we did at Christmas and I showed my students what a Christmas cracker is. My friend Cathy had sent me a packet of them last year so I kept them and used some with the family on the Christmas dinner and some with my students. It was fun!
I also introduced Maija to them!!!They were really happy to meet her!
Back in December now....two heavy parcels arrived.Both from my Scottish friends John and Juliana!
Here are some pics! 
Juliana took so much care to wrap everything beautifully!
She included so many lovely things. She knows what I like!
A huge cross stitch book and some cross stitch kits. I have to find time to do some more cross stitch in 2012!

And delicious handmade local chocolate! We all loved that in the family!
There was so much in the parcels I really can't show everything and can't believe how generous and kind my sea glass friends are!
And last but not least a cross stitched sea glass card and some magnificent sea glass boulders from Seaham in England!

Thank you both very very much!


Anonymous said...

oh no, I'm so sorry about the earthquake !! So glad nothing got damaged & noone hurt, phew !!
We took all the Xmas decs down a week ago already. It's a feeling of mine to start the new year without any sign of Christmas, to turn the page for another year. But that's me only.
I'm so glad you got these beautiful & delicious gifts, you deserve them all :)

Lisa said...

Iam glad the earthquake was not so bad and glad you are ok. Great gifts. I would love to have the pattern for the seahorse cross stitch. Maybe i will try to count and copy it.