Monday, 23 January 2012

Colourful buttons

The weekend was sunny but so cold and having no outside chores to do I stayed in the whole of it. I really needed that as I felt really exhausted.
I spent most of my Saturday answering e-mails. It is amazing how many e-mails I had to answer and although I managed to lower my inbox level I still have  a lot. Sorry if someone expects an answer I will do my best soon.
I also stitched a lot (no photos they are gifts!)
We savoured some nice fried bread slices with maple syrup that arrived from the States. I had never tried maple syrup and was thankful that again Marabeth gave me this chance!

 I finished blogging about Maija who is leaving for her next hostess in Scotland....
And arranged some buttons I recently bought. Just a little box of 100 small buttons for crafts.
Aren't they so sweet in their colourful galore?


Carole said...

Aren't buttons so fun to work with? Marabeth sent you the " good" maple syrup. My hubby only eats that kind.
I know about the emails. I haven't been keeping up well either.
I wanted to thank you for the thoughtful one you wrote about your parents moving to Greece. Our parents were very brave and fearless. I'm so grateful for mine.


Denise said...

The fried bread looks so good! I have some syrup ~ what do you fry your bread in?? I would love some
with a cup of coffee!

Ariadne said...

Thanks for your comments!
@ Denise
I take bread from the previous day not fresh one(stale is better) and deep it in a mixture of milk where I have added an egg. Then I fry it in olive oil for a while till both sides are done. We eat them with all kinds of sweet things , they are great with chocolate too. But you can eat them with ham and cheese as well.AriadnefromGreece!

Pesky Cat Designs said...

French toast is what we call it in the States! I sometimes put a little cinnamon into the egg and milk mixture. Yours looks super delicious especially with the thick bread slices. mmm mmm

I wonder what you will be creating with all those lovely buttons!