Thursday 10 October 2013

In the end of September.... are bits and pieces of things that happened in September! I promise the next blogpost will be about October!
Of course we took part in an antifascist demonstration when Pavlos Fyssas was murdered by a GoldenDawn member. You can read about this very sad event here.You can here his music here.

 We presented "Koutornithia", our children's play at the Festival for eco friendly products..

 We walked to the city centre for the No-Car Day.
Doesn't this photo look like New York? It is the Central Library.
 And Barca didn't really like this policeman!Although he was very nice to her!
 We attended two out of the three weddings we were invited at. The other one was in Athens, that's why we couldn't go!
The favours of the two weddings!
 Of course you know what these jars are going to be filled with!
My son and I made this very sweet recipe in September which he found on the net.
Melt chocolate chips with a bit of milk and add a few marshmallows cut in small pieces.
 Pour the liquid chocolate in a baking pan. Top with marshmallows.
 And grill for a couple of minutes!Be careful they burn very fast!
 Eat with a biscuit!
 We took part in a teachers' and civil servants' strike day and demonstration!
 We performed a shadow puppet play at the Syriza Youth Festival at Pavlos Melas Military Base.
There I spotted these very strange flowers.

 In general it was a very beautiful place.

 And I guess that's all about September!


devonseaglass said...

Thank you for a brief and yet illuminating description of life in Thessaloniki. I think everyone sympathises for Greece and the terrible economic situation brought about by politicians in the EU who don't understand market forces, economics or people. Who does? Not economists or people. In the UK we are no better off. Government borrowing is sky high and getting stratospheric. Incomes in real terms are falling. Old people are better educated than younger people and we have half a Nobel prize.

Sarah in Stitches said...

Oh my God, that dessert looks absolutely delicious! I'm going to have to try it.

Rhona said...

What lovely pictures! I think that my daughter would love that dessert, I'll have to try it too!

Unknown said...

Marsh mallows in chocolate, looks delicious, ;)

Anastasia said...

oh Ariadne - i was so sad to hear about the murdered musician - so young and such a waste of life! the popularity of Golden Dawn is scary and confusing to me! Yummy marshamallow dip!!