Monday 14 October 2013

This weekend....

....was very tiring!
We had two performances of  "Griothesia".
We had a friend's birthday party!
Also there was a shadow puppet performance at Kroustophono, a percussion musical instruments school.
 A shadow puppet by Michael Hatzakis we saw at the school.
 Musical instruments at Kroustophono grounds.
 Hubby playing along with his little volunteer assistant!

 There was of course the open antique market.This time I did not buy anything!

 My favourite kiosk.
 And I think this was my most favourite find costing 700 euros!Well not affordable!
 It was a bright sunny weekend!


zina said...

I love bazaars!!! and karagkiozi too :)

More weekends like this to come I wish!

Valma said...

shadow puppets...excellent
thank you for sharing
it seems so great
the assistant is very concentrated on this picture =)
lovely pictures of the market

Unknown said...

The market looks amazing!