Sunday 20 October 2013

Our Barca

Barca adventures.....from May to October! (The summer adventures can be found here!)
Small letters is Barca thinking!
Capital letters are humans talking!

Can I drink some coffee? NO

Can I eat some snack? NO
Ok I will just stay here. GOOD GIRL!
Let's see?What's the weather like? I need a break!
BARCA GET OFF THE BED!               Oh let us sleep!
Grandma is there something to eat? NO
Ok then I will relax a bit!      GET OFF THE ARMCHAIR!     Oh, not again!
Oh it is so nice here at the beach house!
Especially after travelling like this!  I hate travelling!    OH POOR GIRL!
Let me relax!
 Grandma what are you eating?                 ICE CREAM!
 Will you give me a bit?  Please!!!!!!!!   CAN I GIVE HER A BIT?   NO,GRANDMA!
What is this?    A JELLY BEAR!
 Can I have it?    NO, NO, NO!
Oh these humans are soooooooo cruel!


beachcomber said...

she's gorgeous!!

Annuk said...

She is SOOOOO cute!!!! :D