Tuesday 29 October 2013

This long weekend....

It started on Thursday evening. We went to attend the presentation of a book written by a fellow teacher Martha Patlakoutza.
It is called "Zahara" and the presentation was done at Proto Patoma cafe by the Teachers' Association Drama Club. Hubby and I decided not to take part but simply attend!It was a cozy evening!

 Then on Friday morning we had the school festivities for the 28th October No Day celebration.

And on Saturday morning we happily started for our beach house in hubby's new car. Yes after 20 years he bought a new one.It's a Citroen C3 Picasso, a very beautiful car, convenient and with lots of space for hubby's Shadow puppets and Barca's cage. We bought her a cage to transport her as she is car sick all the time.It is better in the cage.
 When we arrived at the beach house we realised there had been a burglary at two of our neighbours and we were really upset. The police was called and the owners came and it spoiled our whole day. Fortunately nothing much was taken. Since these are summer residences only, people don't invest on expensive things in them.Still a breaking in is not the most pleasant of surprises!
To relax a bit I walked the beach and collected some sea glass.

 The sea was calm. It would be lovely to swim but I felt it would be cold.
 Barca didn't think the same. She jumped in and enjoyed it!
I loved the colours of nature that day but didn't take too many photos as I was feeling rather shocked and sad because of the breaking in.

 It was a bit foggy in the horizon!

 But still the sea looked wonderful!
I then washed some of my finds along with some left overs from the summer.
 I did a bit of gardening.I added lavender in a pot.

 I collected the fallen leaves.
 I spray painted some stones in gold having some ideas to make for Christmas!
 Then hubby and I went out for lunch, tsipouro and appetisers.
 Barca of course wanted to have a snack, so she ate some of my ice cream!
The rest of the day was relaxing and cozy.
And the sunset once again was wonderful!

 The rest of the weekend was in a similar pace!
And when we returned we went to watch the parade about which you can read in yesterday's blogpost!


Mii Stitch said...

Such a shame the weekend got a bit spoilt because of the break in :( I really sympathise, it happened to me & I still can't get over it... Great new car!!!

Unknown said...

Ariadne, guess what, we have the same in red, bought last June!!
Very sorry to hear about your neighbours, looks like you have been lucky!

Annuk said...

I really enjoyed your wonderful photos, Ariadne! The sea and the sunsets are so beautiful, and I always enjoy your life-filled posts! Barca is so cute! (Sorry to hear she gets car-sick, though...)
I'm sorry about the breaking in at your neighbours -- that would have shocked me too. Unfortunately that happens a lot here too, it's such an awful feeling. Glad you enjoyed nature though, and adorable Barca!

beadhen said...

I am sorry to know that there are break-ins there as well(as in Canada). I am in love with Barca-she looks like a sweet soul. I have found a beach here that large amounts of sea-glass can be found, although this beach is not nearly as beautiful as yours. Beach-combing is another favourite activity of mine...Thank you for for your beautiful blog...

zina said...

great post, so beautiful pictures! More weekends like this one to come, I wish!

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

Oh the treasures you find on your beaches! I'm a little jealous. Barca is adorable.

butterfly said...

So sorry they spoiled your weekend, hugs.

Unknown said...

Απίθανη εκδήλωση απ΄ότι βλέπω-)
Τι κούκλα που είναι η
Barca(Βάρκα?)-)))Τα φιλιά μου!!
Και τι απίθανες φωτογραφίες θαλασσινές,ένιωσα πολύ όμορφα βλέποντάς της.
Πολλά φιλιά σου στέλνω από την Χαλκιδική η οποία έχει μπόλικη ομίχλη σήμερα-))

Unknown said...

καλέ....είναι και η φίλη μου η Annuk εδώ...yea!!!(θαυμάσιος άνθρωπος)