Monday 7 October 2013

EGST meeting in Thessaloniki

Since last week I decided to join Etsy Greek Street Team on etsy and see how I can get to know other crafters around my city.
I was lucky because the next meeting was just this Sunday and by only being in the EGST one week I managed to go to the meeting and get to know some lovely ladies who create beautiful things and sell them on etsy.
Here is a photo I took of the meeting.We met at Marche Bistro cafe.
 And of course apart from a delicious coffee I had to try the lemon pie!It was magic!
We were all ladies and one gentleman. We talked a lot about what we create, how etsy works, how we don't seem to understand the algorithms of the search machine and all that complicated things that make items appear or not appear in a search, we took pictures and shared ideas.We had fun!
You can see the blogpost of the meeting on the EGST blog here. And you can spot me in one of the photos and the green felt glasses I made for the meeting. Unfortunately I had to leave early because of the theatre performance I had afterwards.But hopefully we will meet again.

Here is a list of the people who attended and their etsy shops. Maybe you would like to pay them a visit and see what beautiful things they make. And maybe you would like to buy something, Christmas is just around the corner!








Xenia D-





and last but not least the only man in our company

and of course I was there


Unknown said...

τζα!!!!Πολύ όμορφα όλα(εκτός από αυτό που σου έγραψα)
Πολλά φιλιά

Rhona said...

That must have been wonderful meeting up with other crafty people! I'll certainly check out your links.

Vivika said...

Αχ τι ωραία που ήταν! Και αυτή η λεμονπάι γιάμμι γιάμμι γιάμμι!