Tuesday 15 January 2013

Meeting for the first time.

You know you will see a lot of Barca. right?
Last night when Miltos returned from school there was this exceptionally tender and touching scene between them. Barca had been sitting quietly for hours and when my son Miltos came in...
Who's this?
 Hello there!
Oh I like you!
 Yes I am a good girl!
 Here is my nest and toys!


Lisa said...

Very cute. I know your son and she will be friends forever. Glad to see pictures and videos of her.

Anonymous said...

it's such a nice feeling
to have a new puppy in the house!
she is so sweet!
does she cry at all,
now she is away from mama & siblings : )

Melissa said...

Ohhhhh how adorable! Such a cute puppy :)

prpltrtl946 said...

Bar is a beauty!! I love the white tip on her tail!! My Basset Hound had a white tip on his tail too! I hope your Barca is a sweet as my Spotty was!! 8*)