Wednesday 21 November 2012

Vintage toys exhibition.

Another exhibition to celebrate 100 years of free Thessaloniki is of some vintage toys. I loved looking at all those toys, some of which I also had as a kid.
A general view of the exhibition hall.

 I loved this one.

 I had a monkey like this one with the drums.

 As if I am looking at my childhood. I had both the washing machine and the dishwasher!
A little black doll dressed in an amazing dress.


Dream on the wave said...

What lovely toys. I had the little red suitcase and also a beautiful black doll. Will this exhibition be on for a long time? Maybe I get the chance the visit it when I get to Thessaloniki.
Many greetings, Frieda

Anonymous said...

old toys are so much meaningful than the new one...
and so innocent.

were these also for sale ariadne?

Unknown said...

Beautiful post!

Baby Accessories said...

Omg! I was looking for this Vintage Toys! I had this toy when I was a kid and it was the BEST toy ever! thanks for sharing such post.....
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