Wednesday 14 November 2012

Muffins and more

I am not a very good cook. Inspite the fact that both my parents were excellent cooks and pastry makers and I come from a tradition of great cuisine, the cuisine of Constantinople, I am unfortunately not a very good cook. I am bored with cooking! I am not excited to cook!Or to make sweets unless there is a special reason.
But the last couple of years I have become the muffin maker!
I make all kinds of muffins. After my friend Marabeth gave me the recipe for muffins I make them all the time.
The good thing is that I can put anything I want inside.
chocolate chips....
 caramel syrup...
 cooked vegies

 I also made these tiny ones with Marabeth's new gift the mini muffins pan. I also used the trick or treat paper cups she sent me and presented them to my second graders for Halloween!They were excited!
The good thing is that with the same amount of batter I made 48 tiny chocolate chip muffins and did not even have to clean the muffin tray!

 I then made some carrot muffins following Frieda's carrot cake recipe

 They have some Philadelphia cheese and confectioner's sugar frosting on top!Yummie!
But I also cook sometimes with success.I have learnt this traditional Scottish recipe for shepherd's pie from a book Juliana and John, my sea glass friends had sent me and I make it often.
Boil potatoes and turn them into puree adding some fresh parsley.
Cook minced meat with onion and carrot(I put red pepper instead).
Put the cooked meat underneath with the pureed potatoes on top and cook for half an hour.

My mum made recently this jello from the quince my dear friend Gia gave us. It took her too long to make but it was amazing!

I just returned from a etwinning seminar and am down with a bad flu and blogger is so slow today. So I will see you tomorrow hoping to be feeling better!


Lisa said...

Muffins look amazing. I have your recipe and they are delicious, I did chocolate chips too. Feel Better!!!

Anonymous said...

yummy muffins ariadne!
i love making sweets :)
& the pie looks good too!
& this jello, what is it made of?

και περαστικά! :)

butterfly said...

You have been busy cooking all the yummy Muffins.
I made shepherds pie today .Hugs