Monday, 5 November 2012

28th October on Skiathos island

Thank you all for your comments about my blogposts about Skiathos.
So let's continue with our trip there.
On Sunday morning we woke up to this.
 I was scared that we would be stranded on the island!
 Lucky and his family said they would be happy to put us up in that case but I knew we had to return home.
 So Lucky continued chewing his plastic flowers.
 The rest of us went to the town of Skiathos to attend the parade that is traditional all over Greece on this national holiday.
 For the first time in years the parade was done on the central street and not on the promenade by the sea because of the waves. Was it because we were there?
 People in national costumes passed in front of us.
 Little lovely dressed children too.
 And students of all ages.

 We then did a short walk in the beautiful streets of Skiathos. We saw Alexandros Papadiamantis' house(which we could not visit as it was closed.)
 We also saw this tall tower of Merenda boxes.
 The wind continued blowing....
 We walked in the little narrow streets and saw beautiful corners...

 I adored this merman!

 And then we were treated to an exquisite dinner at the Old Well restaurant.(To Palio Pigadi)
 All kinds of great mezes with tsipouro of course.

 And then it was time to leave. I was relieved to see the ship coming which meant we were leaving afterall!Inspite the fact that we had a great time I didn't want to stay more days there as I had to return to my son and to school of course.
 Volos' lights were very welcoming!
Thank you Frieda and Thanassis for your hospitality on a great long weekend!See you soon!
These blogposts about Skiathos would not be complete without this little video of Kiko!

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beachcomber said...

beautiful!! thanks for taking us with you :)