Saturday, 3 November 2012

More on Skiathos

Thank God my friends in the States are well. I managed to come into contact with the majority of them and especially the close ones and they are all fine. There are a couple more I am still waiting to communicate with but probably they have no electricity or Internet yet.
Anyway I am wishing every one of my friends in Connecticut, New Jersey, and Staten Island N.Y. a quick recovery from Sandy Storm!
So to go on with my report on Skiathos island visit of the previous weekend....
We had stopped on our first day on Skiathos at lunch time. After a great lunch we went out for a walk.
First I took some photos of Frieda's flowers.

Then we walked the beach.The sea was very inviting but I was really not in the mood for swimming!I wish I had swum though!
 Megali Ammos, Frieda's beach is gorgeous. The sand is amazing and the water so clear.
 Then we went to Frieda's family restaurant next door. It is called Thessaloniki!And it is a great restaurant but it is closed in winter.
 The restaurant is beautifully decorated with handmade chandeliers made by Frieda's husband from used bottles....
 ...or by Frieda herself made from sea glass!

And there are also beautiful paintings in there.
Frieda has also made this great table with sea glass!
 We also went sea glassing together although there wasn't much sea glass.
 Still we found some nice pieces and all three of us, Frieda, hubby and I collected all this.
 They weren't as good as some pieces Frieda has found earlier in the year, but still they were good.
 Frieda is actively involved in the Green Fox project. She and her friends collect the plastic bottles and aluminium cans from the whole island and after pressing them in huge cubes they send them away to be recycled. This is a voluntary scheme and they are all really praiseworthy for doing this for the community.
 After visiting the Green Fox headquarters we went to the famous beach of Koukounaries.The sand is so clean you could spot the tracks of birds on it.
 Frieda and me on Koukounaries beach.
 Watching the sunset after visiting a couple of more beaches.

More on Skiathos on the next blogspot.
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Have a nice rest of the weekend!


Dream on the wave said...

Good morning Ariadne
It is so nice and yet so strange to see your pictures of my home and island on your blog. We had a great time and I hope you can visit us more often.
Many greetings, Frieda

Lisa said...

Beautiful pictures. That is a special place.

Pesky Cat Designs said...

I really enjoyed looking at all your lovely photos!

Ariadne said...

I am glad you all enjoyed seeing my trip!
Frieda you and your family are great hosts! Hope we will meet soon again in Thessaloniki or Skiathos!AriadnefromGreece!