Monday 5 November 2012

Last Saturday on Skiathos.

Thanks every one for your comments.
I am glad friends from the States wrote here or in private to say they are fine.
Things are happening. I spent this Saturday at Serres and today cooking and I have to prepare things for school so I will leave you now with my second day on Skiathos.
So last Saturday on Skiathos started in the morning with some coffee and looking around taking pictures of beautiful glass objects.

 And of course playing with Kiko.

The view from Frieda's living room was wonderful once again!
 We then walked the beach arriving at this little cove with old abandoned boats.
 And the view of Megali Ammos was gorgeous.

 I also found this plant that I have in my balcony which is poisonous.
 The skies started getting dark after lunch but still we overcame our fears and went to the Castle (Kastro)
 We saw beautiful plants everywhere.
 We walked on the edge of the cliff to reach the area called Kastro.That's where the islanders lived to avoid pirates in the 14th century.
 The waters underneath had  a fantastic turquoise colour.

 Little is left from that old town. Some chapels have been restored.

 The little churches are decorated with plates on the outside.
 This little cat was the only living soul when we arrived.

Breathtaking views from up there.

 More beautiful plants on the way back.
We ate some of these.We call them koumara. It is called Arbutus Unedo or Strawberry tree.
Then we went down to Skiathos port for some coffee.
We had it here at this beautiful cafe.
The weather in the meantime was starting to get worse!


beachcomber said...

such a beautiful place. i love the abandoned boats and plates on the wall!!

Lisa said...

Wow beautiful place and pictures. Looks like you had a great time.

Anonymous said...

beautiful fotos from skiathos in your two last posts!
never been there yet but you made me want to visit soon! & it looks really nice in the autumn too!