Monday, 26 November 2012

Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art

The rest of our visit at the Macedonian Museum of Modern Art on Saturday was exciting too.
I always love what they have on permanent and temporary exhibitions.
The permanent....

 The temporary...

 I loved those chairs. You could even upholster your own.
 Sometimes I really wonder where the boundaries of Modern Art are. Can you spot the art in this photo? No it is not hubby!
 Yes it is that long yellow metal tube!What is it?What does it mean? I don't know!It goes all the way to the ceiling!
Another exhibition...

My favourite exhibition apart from the Greek Monsters was this one.

 Beads played a great part in this one.And it does look very easy to make doesn't it?But you didn't think of it,did you?
But my all time favourite was this one. It was all ribbons and beads and it turned around!Lovely! I didn't want to leave!I was mesmerized!
It is by Lionel Esteve  Rock Flower 2006

Enjoy the ride!

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