Saturday 26 May 2012

Weekend to Volos-Pelion Part A

Last weekend in contrast to this one was sunny and warm and we spent it at the town of Volos and on Mount Pelion with my 6th graders, their parents and their teachers. It was a wonderful trip.
We started very early on Saturday 19th in the morning for Volos.
 The view of the Olympus on the way.
 We stopped on the way and this kitty played with us.
Also I saw this building from afar but don't know what it is.
When we reached Volos our first stop was at the Archaeological Museum where a guide gave us a tour.
There are a lot of very very old artifacts there but unfortunately photography was allowed but no flash so very few showed well.
 The outseide of the Museum with this fantastic blue door.
 And inside very old neolithic art.

 Tomb stones.

 With amazing sculpture and detail.

 Wonderful pottery.
 And ancient glass vessels that remained unbroken inside tombs.
 Carved marble stones.
 This amazing detailed pottery toy.

 Jewelry with glass beads and minerals.
 Copper and iron tools.
 More amphorae.
 An inside window of the museum.
 And statues.

 And coins.
Most of these finds are from Sesklo and Dimini the famous tomb areas near Volos. Sesklo is the first neolithic settlement of Europe.
Inside the museum there was a temporary exhibition about Asterix and Obelix that the children loved.

And not only the children.

Of course I took so many pics and want to share with all of you that I will make this weekend again in installments. I know I still owe you some days from Romania but I will definitely give those soon.
Enjoy your weekend!


Anonymous said...

lovely pics.. Mount Olympus looks amazing!!
I probably wouldn't go much far, as I'd have stopped to play with the cat.. and miss all the rest :D
even Asterix and Obelix!! :D
happy xxx,

Carole said...

What incredible art. All so beautiful but that pottery with the birds look my breath away. Ok the glass bottles too:)


Dream on the wave said...

Hi Ariadne
I am finally back on the internet now after a long cut off. What a pity that you were so close and didn't have the chance to hop over to our island. I hope you had a good time in Volos and Pilion.
Many greetings, Frieda