Tuesday 15 May 2012

A bit of colour!

It is raining cats and dogs since this morning. We have had a weather forecast warning for strong winds and heavy rain and thunder and lightning!Yikes!Exactly what I hate and am afraid of! It has poured down so much water that you feel it is winter again and even put on a little jacket at home!
Anyway I am glad you liked my sofa colours. I am so happy we got it at such a good price along with the two covers. The purple cover would double the price of the sofa normally. But we got the sofa and the two covers and the obligatory delivery to our flat as it was too heavy all at 300 euros which was a very good price indeed. In the next sales I will try to find another cover too, maybe a simple white one as I always wanted a white sofa!
I will say goodnight for now with a photo of some colourful threads I found at the open market very cheap. They are DMC pearl cotton 5 and 8. Although I stitch with the six-ply thread I 'd love to use these lovely colours too!
The little blue bottle was a gift from my dear Marabeth and it is a vintage Bromo Seltzer medicinal bottle with some of my balcony flowers.

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colors are a beautiful pallet