Monday 21 May 2012

My balcony corner.

Hello reader friends,
We had a wonderful weekend at a school trip to Volos and Pelion Mountain which will have its blogposts soon as I took lots of lovely pics.
The weeks of May and June at school are hectic.
Things to finish, grades to give,educational trips that make the days at school last longer.
Inspite that I managed to finish a couple of things at my stitching list and read quite  a lot.
I also arranged my spring balcony corner where I spend some time reading and sipping coffee in the afternoon.
This year I added some long IKEA branches on the corner and some sand and sea glass in a bottle on my little table.
My plants and herbs have started blooming too and that's wonderful.
Here are a couple of photos.

Enjoy your day!

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Unknown said...

I would be very happy reading in that chair on your balcony.....