Monday 28 May 2012

Weekend to Volos-Pelion Part B

So after the wonderful Volos Archaeological Museum (of which I am showing some more better pictures here from hubby's mobile) we went on to Makrinitsa, a little village on Pelion mountain.
Doesn't this one look as if it is taken with Instagram?

And the ancient Greeks invented the charm bracelet!
 Earrings!Well I wouldn't put those on my ears!
 But I would have loved these glass vessels at home!
 Or this toy?
 Glass covered jewelry!
 And oil lamps. I loved the shell shaped one!
We arrived in Makrinitsa and walked a bit around enjoying the views.But first we drank some great mountain cold water.

 The city of Volos as seen from Makrinitsa which is called the balcony of Pelion.

 The slate roofs of Makrinitsa are wonderful.
The traditional products there are tsipouro and sweets.

 And there are very picturesque buildings, houses and inns.
 Those roses smellt wonderful!

 I love seeing the Primary schools of little villages.

 And I love flowers emerging from everywhere.

We were supposed to sit down and have some coffee but there was no time so we moved on to the Ethnological Museum which you will see in part C.

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Christina said...

Beautiful photographs - looks like a fantastic trip. I especially like the charm bracelet!