Tuesday 29 May 2012

Weekend to Volos-Pelion Part C

After our walk we went to visit the Museum of Folk Art and History of Pelion in Makrinitsa. It was just us the teachers and the kids as all mums stayed behind to enjoy a coffee break under the shadows in the square of the village.
The museum is small but beautiful. It represents an old traditional house of the area and was built in 1844.

Inside we visited various rooms.
The dining room.

 The living room.
 The craft room with a loom.
 The view from the windows was fantastic!
 There were a lot of embroidered and cross stitched items everywhere inside the house.

 I especially liked this tablecloth in counted cross stitch.
 There were also icons.
 The bedroom.

 The sitting room.

 In the halls of the museum there were other exhibitions with paintings by various artists.

 There was an exhibition of folk painting by Nicholaos Christopoulos. I loved those boats.


Kathy A. said...

Incredible Ariadne. The display of needlework is astonishing!!! What wonderful treasures they have preserved.

cathystitcher said...

I love the bedroom; so romantic, despite the little nudge reminder with the cradle!
I also think your photo of the ewer and basin on the shadowed windowsill is very atmospheric. You have a good eye for composition/tone.
I think you were wise to take this trip while the others all missed a treat by drinking coffee instead!

Anonymous said...

The embroidery looks wonderful! That table cloth is stunning!!