Tuesday 22 May 2012

A new addition to the family.

It is a very happy day today as my son has a new baby sister from his dad's family.
That's so great and she even looks like my son! My son is 17 years older than his baby sister and 10 years older than his little brother but he is so happy to have them!And I am really happy for him!I am also glad my ex has created a beautiful family after we divorced as that has kept our son in balance too!
In the meantime the weather keeps playing games to us, it is awful, cold and rainy all of a sudden and then a bit of sunshine.
I got the chance to stay in and start doing the taxes as it really is a mess to do the tax papers and I need more than three evenings to complete them.
Tonight I will be watching the Eurovision song contest semifinal 1 from Baku, Azerbaitzan  and will be stitching on the twins' gift. Photos soon. Here is the Greek song. I don't like it at all, I would prefer a political song with a meaning like the Montenegro song or something less danceable and more meaningful!
I'd love to add here two books I finished recently.
They are two sagas by Kenize Mourad (they are the story of her grandparents and parents and herself)! Two interesting books! I loved the Regards from the dead princess and a little bit less the Garden of Bandalpour.
And some photos from a recent lesson to the first graders about The House!

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Anonymous said...

wow Ariadne! congratulazioni!! :D