Sunday 13 May 2012

My new sofa!

Thank you all for your comments on my previous post. Comments really make me think about going on blogging. I would love to answer all comments directly as they come in my e-mal inbox but some people do not have their name connected to an e-mail address so I will have to answer them here.
Kathy A mentioned that she will never see Romania so she enjoyed seeing it in a tour through me. I loved that as I had never thought of it before that to some people what I show is something they will never see so my eyes become their eyes. A great thought!Thank you Kathy for opening my eyes!
Joni b it is great that you have been to my city. If you ever come again do let me know!
Cathy asked about the black and white graffiti on the walls in Bucharest. I don't know who painted them but they looked so detailed and so beautiful! Also she asked about the umbrellas on my city sea front in an older post.These are a work of art by Zongolopoulos a Greek artist.
Jennifer would love to travel to Romania and asked about the building with the yellow awning. Unfortunetaly I know nothing more about it. It was in the street of the embassies.
I hope I covered everyone and again thank you all for your comments.
Now about the title of my blog post today.
I am showing you our new sofa. I had the previous one for 19 years!!!! So when a month ago at the sales IKEA offered my favourite sofa Ektorp in a very good price we got one along with two different covers one for winter and one for summer.

The last photo shows the sofa in its right place after moving around a bit!
On the politics front we are listening all day long about who will collaborate with whom and we still have not ended up with a government!
The Romania posts will continue soon! Thanks for visiting!


Unknown said...

Like the color you have chosen...

Jennifer said...

Oh, the sofa is lovely. These colors are my favorites and would go perfectly in my livingroom! When you are tired of this sofa please send it to me! Yes, I hear on the radio about the upheaval in the Greek government. Perhaps elections again!?

Anonymous said...

I've become such an IKEA addicted.. :D
there are a few things I like, but those I do really drive me mad!
your sofa looks terribly cozy.. great choice!
I'm listening to the news every day, and really wish us the best luck!
happy xxx,