Friday 7 February 2014


Is it too late for a Christmassy blogpost?
I am sorry I am so late in writing my posts but ....
anyway in January the Municipality gave a free entrance to all citizens to Asterokosmos (Starworld) on its closing day. It was an amusement park inside the grounds of the International Trade Fair that lasted for a month.
Anyway it was mainly for children and teenagers but we really wanted to go and see what attracted people so much during the holidays to this place. And we also wanted to watch a shadow puppet performance by our dear friends, shadow puppeteers Agapios Agapiou and Odysseas Kanlis.
So here are some photos from that afternoon.
The outside decoration was really beautiful with all the little red buildings.

 I really don't know what the elephant was doing there painted red. In fact I think there were two elephants. Later on when the Agrotica Fair took place in the same area the elephant was painted green. I wonder if they will paint it another colour later in other events.
 Inside there were lots of lights.

 We visited the origami stand by Myrto Dimitriou, who was kind enough to allow me to take photos of her creations.

 Then we watched two shadow puppet performances.

I then walked around looking at all the decorations.

 I loved the beautiful cardboard scenery.

 And the Nativity story.

 There were also ice rinks and little shops and lots more to see.


Decor Asylum said...

Πολύ μού άρεσε ο κόκκινος ελέφαντας! Καλό Σαββατοκύριακο

Poppy said...

Hi Ariadne,

I've never seen anything like this! Such a variety of activities, indeed. Love the Christmas tree decorated in red trinkets and all the starry sights!

Thanks for sharing and have a lovely weekend!


butterfly said...

Thanks for sharing lovely photos.

Sarah in Stitches said...

That must have been such a lovely Christmas experience! Much nicer than anything we have here during the holidays :D

Mii Stitch said...

What a great post!! Looks like you had the most exciting day out! I am amazed at the origami display and the huge snow globe...

Valma said...

it's never too early or too late to speak about Christmas =D
We miss Christmas all year long =)
beautiful pictures of what seemed to be a great village
we have those kind of villages here, but only in big towns !
have a great weekend sweetie