Sunday 23 February 2014

Things I have done lately

We do so many things all the time and time flies before I even have time to blog about them.
Here are some of them.
In January I went to the Etsy Greek Street Team pie cutting.

We also cut a pie with my girlfriends.
In February I went to my Godson's birthday.

Then we did the pie cutting with the Teachers' Association Drama Club.
We had a performance with the Drama Club at Neos Skopos near Serres.(Sorry no photos!)
 We also cut a pie with hubby's old students.
We went to see the carnival party at Koperti, our friend's school.
And today we did a short trip to Xanthi to attend the carnival festivities but unfortunately they were cancelled due to heavy rain.

 So we went to Kavala for coffee instead!

 Great decoration with driftwood at the Open Cafe.


Poppy said...


You have been enjoying yourself, with tasty sweets, glorious views and the company of your girlfriends, the girls who 'get' you, which is always the best 'excursion' for the soul.


Sarah in Stitches said...

You've been busy! It's great that you have so much going on in your life :D

butterfly said...

Thanks for sharing your busy life hugs.

Valma said...

yummy post =)
a pity the carnival had been cancelled
Spring is not for now it seems
have a great week

zina said...

I wish I could go to a carnival!!! It seems you had great time!

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

Even with the rain, Kavala looks like a beautiful harbour.