Sunday 9 February 2014

My trip to the Peloponnese(6)- Palamidi

After Epidaurus we returned to Nafplio. There was still time in the sunshine and we decided to do one more daring climb. Go up Palamidi Fortress on top of the hill of Nafplio. It was marvellous and I am glad we went up!
The views were breathtaking!

 Inside, a Romeo and Julliette balcony.

 Kolokotronis' (hero of the Greek Revolution against the Turks in 1821)jail.


 On the way to the hotel after a late lunch we visited this amazing shop. Polytimi pottery. We had spotted this shop the first evening of our stay in Nafplio.
Polytimi was kind enough to allow hubby to take pictures of her art. There were amazing pottery and Raku pieces.

 Her cat was so sweet too.

 I loved everything in this shop so we had to buy our gifts there as Polytimi's pottery was exceptional and so much more different than the usual things. Also very reasonably priced!
I am sure you guessed from the photos which piece was my favourite! So here's what I bought for me!
We walked around the town a bit more that evening. Spotting lovely natural decorated Christmas trees...

 ...and gorgeous shop signs with mermaids....

 ...and eating ice cream....
...and finding one more shadow puppet figure by Kokoris ( a shadow puppet maker who died early unfortunately and we were trying to find his puppets all around the town).
Last sunset photos of a very tiring day.
Remember that day we visited Mycenae, Ligourio, Epidaurus and Palamidi!!!!!!!

 Good night!


Sarah in Stitches said...

Wow, those are amazing pictures! I love that pottery too :D

zina said...

isn't like a trip back to time? I love Nafplio and I love its shops!

devonseaglass said...

What a stunning place!

eleanna said...

Unfortunately, I haven't visited Epidaurus, but i been to Nafpio twice & I admit it's one of my favorite cities!

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

Thanks for taking us with you! I really enjoyed your whole trip!

Valma said...

amazing pictures again sweetie !
I definitely must visit your country !!! =)