Thursday 26 December 2013

Christmas Bazaars (3)

The first Christmas bazaar I went to this year was in November. On the day of Saint Stylianos, protector saint of Children, (25th-26th November), the Children's Shelter (Asylo tou paidiou) organises a big bazaar. I used to work for their Primary School so I love going at their bazaar and supporting them. My favourite part is their very cheap vintage items but they have lots of other beautiful things, antiques, handmade and also second hand and sweets.
Here's what I got for vey few euros.
A white porcelain tureen made by Bisto (Bishop-Stonier). There is a small broken part but for 2 euros it is a doll!
 A red bells decorative heavy pottery piece, a Peru metal decorative spoon, little clear and red floating glass balls, a mini Scherzer jug,
 three Chinese saucers and an a amazing  Echt Kobalt saucer, an embroidery hoop, a series of beads,
 a tin box, a set of Babushka nesting dolls,
 The Bisto, isn't she a doll?
 The red and white vase I had bought a couple of years ago from the same bazaar!

  A spanish decorative frame with flowers.

A little porcelain rabbit.
 A pottery whistle from Peru.

 Most of the smaller items were just half a euro, and I also got these items for free.
Two wooden bases (for eggs?)
 and this U.S.S.R wooden bowl which is a bit broken.

 I loved all of my finds.


Sarah in Stitches said...

Great finds, Ariadne! :D

Valma said...

great finds again sweetie =)
I love your babushka dolls !
so beautiful
I'd love to visit their country a day =)