Wednesday 4 December 2013

In my closet there are trees.

Down with a flu I am and went to the doctor yesterday. So I am on antibiotics and inspite of that I had fever yesterday. So I am too miserable to say something funny or anything so I'd better tell you what I did last Saturday.
We met again at Anna's In My Closet very cozy welcoming kitchen to make things. This time we were about 20 people and almost one on top of the other! But it was so enjoyable. The initial idea was to make various Christmas ornaments and we ended up making mainly the felt Christmas tree! I loooooved it! Mainly because it was something I could easily do as I have been making similar trees for the school bazaar lately!
The good thing was that Anna had prepared the base for the trees.
Here are photos from the meeting!
 Anna showed us the pattern and gave us the details!
 Some joked about it and made fun!
 Others like me fell on the job!
 There was lots to choose from but I chose this lovely soft light green felt.
 Everyone was making their own tree.
Some were taking photos.
 I made two trees. First I made one with beads I borrowed from Christina for Lia, a member who couldn't come.
Then I had a break and ate some great sweets !

 Martha made some lovely cardamon biscuits.
 And Anna's sister Vassiliki made the amazing Christmas tree cookies and oreo covered cookies. You can find that recipe here at her blog!

I also tried some of Demetra's chocolate mint icecream.
 After eating I made a second tree this time for me and adorned it with beautiful buttons that were sent to me at an exchange by Valma. They looked gorgeous on my tree.
The two trees in the front row are the ones I made.
I ate some great chocolate pie by Christina, and took some cookies at home.
I made cheese and dill muffins. I heard they were good.
You can read all the details and see me posing with my first tree in Anna's blog here.
Bytheway if you are eager to win some threads Nancy is having one more giveaway on her blog Victorian Motto Sample Shoppe. Go have  a look here.


Unknown said...

Sorry you are sick!!Get well soon!
You seemed to have enjoyed making the trees. I noticed there was 1 "man" amonsgt you ladies. Poor guy!

Dream on the wave said...

What a great gettogether and so many yummy sweets as well. Lovely trees too. Get well soon! Let Themi spoil you a bit!

dimitrART said...

Οnce more we had a great time!!Thanks for the mention Ariadne!And get well soon! :))

butterfly said...

Hope you are feeling better .
Love your trees you did a great job.

Sarah in Stitches said...

Wow, it looks like you had an amazing time! What a great night crafting :D

Anonymous said...

get well soon ariadne! beautiful christmas trees!

prpltrtl946 said...

sorry you are ill!! I hope you recover quickly!! <3

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your trees!!! They are such Happy Trees!! 8*)

julochka said...

i need to get people together to make things and eat things. soon. i love your little felt trees, well done!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I hope you are better now. I love making little ornaments out of felt. I like small quick projects! The trees sure are cute! Happy holidays!

Valma said...

wow, wonderful glasses =D
love them
what a great moment you had !
and the trees you made are really beautiful !
I pinned one like this on my pinterest board , this is such a good idea
good job :)

(is there any biscuits left ? =D)

Beauty Follower said...

Πολύ ομορφα ολα τα μπισκότα και τα υφασμάτινα δεντράκια!