Sunday 1 December 2013

Reclaiming our seafront

It was one more filled to the brim weekend. I did so much and I am so happy for managing to accomplish things having  a very bad cold as well.
Today's blogpost that starts December will be only about our new sea front.
A big part of the sea front of our city was blocked because of renovations the last couple of years. Specifically the part nearest our flat. So to take a walk or take Barca out we had to walk too far away.
Today the sea front was publicly and officially opened for the people. And we were so really happy that we walked it twice. Once late last night (unfortunately the only photos I took are on Instagram) and once today after lunch out(to celebrate hubby's birthday).
This is a heavy photo loaded blogpost, mind you!
Inspite the bad weather EVERYONE went to walk at the new sea front. We met lots of old and new friends. And we all seemed to be very happy. It was as if a big dark scarf was removed and the breeze blew in. I don't know anything about Feng Shui or anything but I am sure we were all very badly afflicted by this closed/blocked sea front!But not any more!So here it is!
Arriving there, just a stone's throw from our flat!
 Children invading the playground!
 Thousands of people walking!
 Bad weather.
Barca meeting friends.

 Hubby taking photos.Me too!

 See the thousands?
 Spot the very clean wooden deck?
 No horizon line!

 A new spot from where you can watch the sunset.

 Our umbrellas (by George Zoggolopoulos)moved a bit further down but still in our reach!
Fishermen already fishing!

 People sailing!

 I loved that one!
 Our landmarks in their place!

And some of hubby's photos!

Have a great month!


Dream on the wave said...

How great to see the waterfront finally finished! It looks nice....I have to come and check it out in person some time. Have a good month too, Ariadne

Anonymous said...

finally it's ready!
we will walk it next weekend!
it looks good!

zina said...

we had the same weather in Athens! :/

beautiful dog!!!

Unknown said...

Lovely photos as usual!

Sarah in Stitches said...

Wow, it looks like a wonderful place to visit! Congrats on your new seafront :D

Rhona said...

What fantastic pictures!

prpltrtl946 said...

Beautiful!! 8*)

devonseaglass said...

Wonderful umbrellas and boardwalk!

Annuk said...

I'm so happy for you, Ariadne! Now you, your hubby and sweet Barca can enjoy the seafront!!!
Barca is getting more beautiful each day! :)

AppleApricot Wen said...

Oh wow Ariadne, these photos are beautiful! Great shots! Would you like to link them to this week's OBW? The renovations are wonderful, it seems to be a great place to be.

Ros Crawford said...

Beautiful photos!! What a gorgeous sea front ... I adore those umbrellas!! I'd love to know where this is ... Thanks so much for sharing with us at Our Beautiful World!!

Bianca Jagoe said...

Your photos look like they capture the waterfront beautifully! I love the umbrellas too - what a fun feature!

Unknown said...

What an amazing boardwalk, loved seeing your country!Thanks so much for sharing it with us at Our Beautiful World

aspiritofsimplicity said...

oh how wonderful that you are able to enjoy that beautiful spot once again.