Monday 23 December 2013

Christmas Bazaars (2)-Our school bazaar

The idea came at the Parents-Teachers Meeting at school. They wanted to organize a bazaar and they wanted help. Me and some more teachers offered our handicraft skills whereas others offered their pastry making skills.
I spent four Friday evenings at school along with my colleagues making things. And I also spent almost every evening for about a month making things at home.
First I made some Christmas ornaments out of a white fleece blanket I bought from IKEA for just 3 euros. It is a lovely material to make ornaments with.

Our Art teacher made these ornaments out of clay.
 She started painting them.
And I finished them off.

 Then the parents brought us some red and green felt.
I made some napkin rings.
I also made some Christmas tree ornaments and two pairs of Christmas tree earrings.
 The Art teacher painted some glass jars.

 Two other colleagues made wreaths and decorated them with candles.
 They also added pinecones that me and the Art teacher spray painted.

 The Art teacher recycled some burlap fabric into stockings and I decorated them.

 She also cut out paper stockings and I decorated them.
 She also painted Christmas cards and we decorated them too.

 Our workshop, the teachers' office.
 From all the things I made I so enjoyed making these ornaments though! I adored them. I got the inspiration and patterns from Crafts Beautiful magazine. But I definitely added my own ideas on them.They are babushkas (Russian Dolls).

 The total of what I made at home.

 And the bazaar!
Children's drawings.
 Handmade items.
 Clay ornaments.
 Salt dough ornaments.
 And felt ornaments.
  And here's what I bought.
I am glad all ot the items I made were sold. And I am glad we helped the parents make some money for the school.


Poppy said...


Such talented teachers you all are! What beautiful creations you made to help with the school's funds! Bravo to you and your colleagues!

Merry Christmas, to you!


Sarah in Stitches said...

You made such beautiful ornaments, Ariadne! You're so talented with felt. I wish I could have been been there at the bazaar! :D

Desire Empire said...

Wow you sure did a lot of work there. They look fabulous and great that all your things sold.
Thanks for all your visits to Desire Empire this year. Have a fabulous Christmas and New Year in 2014.

Unknown said...

They are all lovely!

Anastasia said...

Wishing you a Merry Christmas Ariadne to you and your family!

Valma said...

how lovely are all those pieces !
such great ideas and beautiful crafts
really great it could help to raise some money for the school
fabulous =)